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The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE is designed to provide A.H.A Registered Programs on the South Shore area with a “C” House Level league (mites through bantams), to give players an opportunity to have fun playing hockey while competing against equal competition.




Skaters that are registered on their Town’s Roster as “A” or “B”, or play in a higher category (mites through bantams) are NOT eligible to play in this League.


The only exception is goalies, when, on a basis of need, higher goalies may be waived into the league.  This requires a written waiver to be entered into the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUNTH HOCKEY LEAGU WAIVER BOOK by a League Director.



It is the responsibility of both the team coach and the member program to assure that all players on their house team are in compliance with Rule #1 of YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE.


Players who are registered a “C” level but participate in any way with higher rated teams, including both A.H.A. and non A.H.A. teams, ARE NOT ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE.  The only exception would be intramural play within your home program.  In order to determine the classification of a Non A.H.A team, The team and all players that participate with that team, including opponents in game situation, will take on the same classification as the highest classified A.H.A. registered player on the team.


This league was classified a House League by the Youth Council of A.H.A.U.S., and sanctioned by Massachusetts Hockey (A.H.A.) provided the rules, as established and intended are followed.




  1. Current A.H.A.U.S and Massachusetts Hockey (A.H.A) Rules apply, but some rules may be amended or changed to enhance player development.
  2. Only A.H.A. referees will be used for all games.




  1. INSTRUCTIONAL MITES , 5 – 8 years old
  2. MITES, 9 and under
  3. SQUIRTS, 11 and under
  4. PEEWEES, 13 and under
  5. BANTAMS, 15 and unders




  1. The season will begin in September (Instructional Mites in October) and go through the end of April.


  1. Checking level team players must attend a mandatory checking class run by their program prior to the season.


  1. March and/or April will be used for Play-offs.  Any ice not used for play-offs in April will be assigned to the programs.


  1. League standings will be posted weekly, starting with the first official game.  Note: This can only be done if all teams report scores to the Standings Director.


  1. There are no standings posted for the Instructional Mites.




  1. Each team must have 3 lines, 15 skaters plus a goalie.


  1. It is the coaches responsibility to assure that the best 5 skaters are on Line-1, the second best 5 skaters on Line-2, and the remaining 5 skaters are on    Line-3.


  1. There will be 3-twelve minute periods with the game beginning with the 3rd line (the weakest skaters) against the other teams 3rd line, followed by line 2 against line-2, then line-1 (the strongest skaters) against line-1.  This assures that each period, and the game ends with line-1 on the ice.  As line changes become quicker, the 3rd period will be changed to 18 minutes.


  1. No rostered 1st line player can play on any other line, but a 3rd liner can move up to play on the 2nd line, and a 2nd liner can move up to the 1st line.  If a 2nd liner is moved up to fill a vacancy on the 1st line, he is “frozen” on the 1st line for that game.  SEE EXPANDED MITE RULES ATTACHMENT – 1.


  1. Coaches must turn in an official YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Mite game roster (sample at end of booklet) prior to all games and it must be attached to the game sheet at the conclusion of the game.


  1. Penalties will be served by the offending player and will not pass on to the next line, except in the last 6 minutes of the game, when the penalty will pass on to the next line.


YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEYT LEAGUE uses the “Honor system” to assure that each line is playing against basically equal competition.  Any coach found bending or stretching these rules would be subject to league penalties, including a game forfeit and suspension to the coach.




In the event one program places more than one team in the same level, the teams MUST BE BALANCED. (i.e. two equal strength teams, instead of one strong and one weak team.)




All 1st year PeeWees and any Bantam not having checking classes must attend a mandatory checking clinic run by their program before playing in any game.




A Record & Waiver Book is maintained in the League Office at the Pilgrim Arena for the purposes of recording:


  1. Waivers granted by the League.


  1. Protests, and results of the hearing.


  1. Any records, letters or information important for future reference.


Directors are required to record any matter they deal with that is out of the normal operation of the League.  The waiver book is maintained as a reference manual for the Executive Committee and Coaches.









  1. Minor 1:30 minutes (Mites – 1 minute)

Major 5:00 minutes

Game Misconduct – Ejection and 1 game suspension


  1. Any player, upon receiving a 3rd minor penalty in a game will be ejected for    the remainder of the game.


  1. FIGHTING mites through bantams.  1st offense – 2 game suspension.                   2nd offense – Suspension from the League pending a hearing with the player, parents, coach Referee in Chief and League.




  1. Penalties will be run on a stop-time basis, even though the game is running time.


  1. Penalized players must proceed to the penalty box immediately, otherwise another penalty will assessed.


  1. There will be no stick throwing, stick banging, or profanity allowed by players, coaches or fans.  A minor penalty will be assessed to the offending team.


  1. Coaches:

1st violation – Forfeiture of game and suspension of coach, pending hearing.

2nd violation – Forfeiture of all games to date and expulsion of coach.

Member Programs:

1st violation – Penalties, fines, or both – as imposed by the league.

2nd violation – Hearing before Executive Committee or Executive Sub-Committee



All YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE hearings, requested by the president of the program penalized, or penalties imposed by the league, will not take place while a player, team or coach is waiting for, or serving a A.H.A. hearing or penalty respectively.










  1. All games will start on time.  3 minutes will be allowed for warm-up.  The first two periods are 18 minutes (12 minutes for mites buzzer hockey), running time with the 3rd period set to the time remaining on running time (18 minutes for mite buzzer hockey), with the last two minutes on stop time, if the game is within 2 goals.


  1. FINAL ROSTER must be submitted to the League by December 28th along with a photocopy of A.H.A. “A” and “B” Rosters


  1. Only teams with a responsible coach will be accepted into the League.  All coaches must attend appropriate level coaching clinics.


  1. It is required that each team have matching uniform jerseys with unique numbers. When a team color conflict occurs, it is the responsibility of the team listed first, on the schedule, to provide pullovers.


  1. During the course of the season, if the coach is required to prove the age of a player, he must do so.


  1. Coaches, official, and score keepers may communicate their suggestion, comments or complaints, in writing, to any YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Director.


  1. YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE rosters with both the players names and numbers must be provided to the time keeper before the game can begin.  These roster must also list borrowed players and team that they are borrowed from.  Mites must use YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Mite roster.


  1. Spearing the Goalie:  No player is allowed to break a puck loose once a goalie has it tied up: either under them, in their glove, or under their stick.  Any player doing so will receive a penalty and any goal scored will be disallowed.
















The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Was formed by 15 South Shore area Youth Hockey Programs, joining together with a common goal of working in a cooperative spirit to promote, develop and enhance the quality and stature of the “C” level player.


The total cooperation and support of our member rinks, Massachusetts Hockey and the referee staff has made the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE a strong and permanent part of youth hockey for years to come.


The following information describes some of the operating policies, adopted by the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE and is provided for informational purposes.


  1. The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE operates as a house league, but is defined and recognized as a “C” league.  Consequently, we are able to swap players, borrow players and help one another when a program has either too many or too few players in a given level.  New teams are allowed to exist now, where they may not have in the past.


  1. In order to do this without being required to use the formal A.H.A waiver/release rules, the following procedures must be adhered to:


    1. Every player must register with their home youth hockey program.


    1. If the player is loaned to another YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE team, it should be understood that the player still belongs to home program and may be required to return, if needed.


    1. If a program borrows a player, it is the borrowing programs responsibility to make sure the player is registered with his home program.


    1. Borrowed players may only participate in games within YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE.


    1. Squirts – Bantam Teams can only borrow up to 10 skaters


    1. If during the season play, a coach knows that he will not have a minimum of 10 skaters and a goalie for a game, he may borrow players from another team, in the same level.  The game sheet must contain the names of all borrowed players.


    1.  NO player can be borrowed more than 3 times.  Any violation will result in a forfeit.




Due to the fact that goalies are few in number, and goalie absenteeism can be a problem, the following is the policy of the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE:


  1. It is the policy of this league to have only trained goalies in the net for games.


  1. For reasons of Safety and Liability, this league does not require a coach to pick or assign an untrained player to be in the net.


  1. Normally, teams borrow goalies from other teams in the league for one or two games.  If a team has no goalie and there are no extra goalies available at the time, a program can request a waiver from the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE to allow a “B” level goalie to play until a “C” goalie is found.




The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Mite level was established using the following criteria:


  1. Any Mite player who is not registered ass a Mite “A” or “B” is eligible to play in this league.  Note: Mite “B” alternates are eligible.


  1. The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Mite Playing rules require the strongest players (line-1) only compete against line line-1 of the opposing team; line-2 and line-3 likewise.


  1. When coaches know they will be short players, they must borrow players from the same line as the absent player(s).




Every team in the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE is in the Playoffs.  Teams are placed in categories, based on their position in the league standings, at the end of the season.  The categories prevent the top teams from playing the bottom teams.  It is the policy of this league and rink management that every player in the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE receive a trophy after their final playoff game.




YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Directors are charged with the responsibility of protecting the “KIDS ENVIROMENT” for the kids.  Any adult who wants to vent anger, vulgarity, disrespectful behavior towards referees or league officials, or violence in front of children will receive penalties imposed by the league.




A main goal of the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE has been to create a strong and permanent “C” League, much the same as is provided for the “A” and “B” players in the SOUTH SHORE CONFERENCE.  We have worked, since our inception, at developing open communication and cooperation between the two leagues.  This is very important so as to develop a smooth flow of YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE, developing players, into the “A” or “B” level of the SOUTH SHORE CONFERENCE, or other league.


This cooperative effort of communicating has proven to be very effective in other areas as well such as:


  1. Resolving conflicts of team and player eligibility, between the two leagues.


  1. Standardization of league and game rules.


  1. Non-conflicting policies regarding adequate ice time and referee coverage between the two leagues.


Problems are worked out in the best interest of all parties, Youth Hockey Programs,





YANKEECONFERNECE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE operates in 11 locations and as such, League Directors can not be present at all games.  You have a responsibility to help insure a good experience for your team, as well as the other teams in this league.  If you see a condition that is unsafe for participants or spectators, or detrimental to the purpose and intent of the league, my must report it to the appropriate party.


Rink safety problems should be reported to the rink office and then to the League Director.


Adult behavior that is not appropriate to a child’s playing atmosphere should be reported to the referee in charge of the game and then to the League Director in charge of your division.


Any problem with a referee, or games ending early should be reported to the Referee-in-chief or the league and then to the League Director.


In all case, such reports must be made to the appropriate party by the team coach and not parents.  Please advise your parents of this procedure.









The YANKEE ONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE game schedule takes priority over any and all other considerations.  Changing any game causes problems for the league, rink and teams involved.  The extent of the problem depends on the amount of time and effort the coach trying to accommodate the change is willing to spend in doing things the right way.


No team or program has the right to change the league schedule in any way, and to do so could result in serious penalties and fines.


Any request for a game change, where the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE ice will not be used, must come from the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY President or Rep of the program requesting the change.


In all cases, no game change will be allowed by the league if less than thirty days notice is given to the Administrative Director or Scheduling Director and/or if no effort was given to trying to make changes within the schedule, as shown in the examples below.  Any game change must be signed off on by the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE.


Game swaps are to be used for team participation in tournaments and exchanges only.  Early morning games, week night games, games scheduled on Super Bowl Sunday, or games scheduled on any other inconvenient date or time for some coach, does not justify a reason to cancel and impose a scheduling change to the families of your team or those of your opponent.  Ice hours left empty are not only very expensive to your program, but also to the member rinks as they have their employees available to make ice, work the snack bar and pro-shop etc. for an empty building.


All games swaps and make-up games must be completed before March 1st.




Any team that causes a change in the league, or play-off schedule, after March 1st will be subject to immediate suspension or elimination from YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE participation.  Their home program will also be held responsible for any cost incurred in providing scheduled opponents with a game and/or financial penalties imposed by the league, as established by the Executive Committee.






  1. On the weekend you will be away, check the schedule to see who your opponent will be. (For this example, call your original opponent Team-B)


  1. Note the day of your game and then find another team that is playing on another day of the same weekend (Team-C)


  1. Now, look elsewhere on the schedule for a weekend that your team is playing on one day and Team-B is scheduled to play Team-C on the other day.


  1. On the weekend you are away, Team-C play’s their own scheduled game on one day and also plays in you place against Team-B on the other day.


  1. On the weekend Team-B was scheduled to play Team-C, your team takes the place of Team-C and you play your scheduled game as well.




If a single team move is not possible, then a game move may work:


1.      On the weekend you will be away, check the schedule to see who your opponent will be. (for this example, call your team Team-A and your scheduled opponent Team-B)


Now look at all teams at your level, playing on the same weekend, but not the same day.


  1. From that list, find another weekend that two of the teams (Team-C and Team-D) will play each other on the day that Team-A and Team-B do not play.


  1. On the weekend you are away, Team-C and D play their own scheduled games on one day and also play each other in you place.  (Both your team and your scheduled opponent are off)


  1. On the weekend Team-C was scheduled to play Team-D, your team and Team-B plays in their place on one day and your scheduled games on the other.  Teams C and D are off.




If procedures in example 1 and 2 are not workable, then you have the responsibility for the following:


  1. Secure ice from your own program and make the game up to your opponent


  1. Make up hours must be consistent with the game level. (Example) a 9:00 pm hour for a Mite make-up would not be acceptable but a 6 or 7 PM weeknight hour would be.


  1. Your opponent may reject any time that is not reasonable but must accept any time that is.


  1. When a make-up game is required, it is the responsibility of the team causing the make-up to notify the Administrative Director, Scheduling Director as soon as possible, as to the date, time and location of the game being canceled, along with all make-up information.


  1. You must provide a full hour of ice, contact the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE level Director and the league’s Referee-in-chief (for referee coverage), at least two weeks prior to the make-up game.


  1. You will be responsible to pay the referees in cash at the time of the game, provide a score keeper and submit the A.H.A. score sheet to the league following the game.




When a make-up game on your own ice is required, the League will utilize the canceled league hour to accommodate scheduling needs.  If the hour is not required, the team that was scheduled for the hour and is available may use the ice for a practice or scrimmage with another teams.


Non YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE teams will not be allowed to use such hours.


As you can see, using Examples 1 or 2 utilizes league ice, with no additional cost to your program or parents, with referees and time keepers in place.  These options should always be your first choice.  If you play your tournament early enough, you can usually avoid the expense of making up a game on your own ice.


Member programs are responsible for insuring that all YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE TEAMS from their program are available to play in the year end play-offs. 


Any program that allows one or more of their teams to participate in non-league events during the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE play-offs, will be subject to penalties, including forfeiture of membership in YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE.







The 15 player, 3 line buzzer hockey rules used in YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE are based on an honor system.  All Coaches and Member Program Officials are expected to follow through, to the best of their ability to make it work. 


When a coach shows up with only 12 players, the system fails.  Game protests are filed, and bad feelings develop between players, parents and coaches.  This is contrary to the reason we are all here.


The YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE Mite Division teams are set up in the following manner:


  1. LINE 1 Must be your 5 best skaters.  Only line 1 will compete against line 1 of the opposing team.  Most line 1 players have playing experience behind them and could be the Mite B team alternates.


  1. LINE 2 your second best 5 skaters are on line 2.  These players are not up to line 1 competition, but have more ability and experience than line 3.


  1. LINES 3 are your five weakest skaters.  Basically, these five are your newer, or youngest players and could have little or no experience.   Many come out of your programs Learn to Skate Program.


By playing each line against their counterpart of the other team, the YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE policy of “Equal Competition” is followed.



  1. When a 1st line player is absent, a 2nd line player will be moved up to the 1st line, and frozen on the first line for that game.  A 3rd line player will then be moved up to fill the 2nd line vacancy for that game.  The entire 2nd line will then be rotated down to play defense only, on the 3rd line.


  1. When a 2nd line player is absent, a 3rd line player will be moved up to fill the 2nd line vacancy for that game.  The entire 2nd line will then be rotated down to play defense only, on the 3rd line.


  1. When a 3rd line player is absent, the entire 2nd line will be rotated down to play defense only, on the 3rd line.




Should any Mite team have more than 15 skaters and a goalie, the 16th player will be rostered as a first line player and can play only on that line, even if there is a player absent from the 2nd or 3rd line.  (In which case the Absentee Rule must be followed) The coach must insure that the rotation of such players through the line is equal from game to game.  Should there be a 17th player, he would be a 2nd line rostered player and an 18th player would be rostered 3rd line player.


Every effort, short of having a child not skate, should be made to avoid additional player, as it presents a coach with a major task of keeping track of his players, rather than teaching and coaching the players.  More importantly, it reduces the time the players have to practice their skills and could cause problems with team parents when their child has to miss one or two shifts in each game.




Before every game a YANKEE CONFERENCE SOUTH HOCKEY LEAGUE roster form must be submitted to the referee who will give it to the score keeper.  Players must be listed by lines.  Any borrowed players must be listed at bottom of page along with from what team and what line he plays on. 


NO Duplicated numbers are to be on shirts for any team.




Penalties will be served by the offending player and will not carry over the next line except during the last 6 minutes of the game, when they will carry over to the next line.  Penalties will be on stop-time while the game is on running time.